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The family coat of arms of the Walenkamp family was designed in 1991 by heraldic draftsman Cor Böhms at the request of Har Walenkamp (*1940, Leiden).

Various elements from the family history can be found in the family coat of arms. First of all, the (red) inner seam in the coat of arms represents a wall; a reference to the likely origin of the family name. The clover in the coat of arms is an old heraldic designation for land or pasture property; a reference to the family's agricultural origins. The color scheme of the coat of arms is a reference to the colors of the Leiden coat of arms, underlining the family's bond with the city of Leiden. Finally, under the coat of arms, the family motto 'Omne praeiudicium impedit iudicium' ('every prejudice prevents the formation of a correct judgment') is mentioned; the motto of pastor Bernhardus Walenkamp (*1633, Rhade).

The family coat of arms was registered on January 28, 1992 at the Central Bureau of Genealogy under number 577 .

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